David Christensen

Owner & CEO Pagematic Inc.

David started Pagematic, a successful web hosting & development corporation in 1998. In 2012, Pagematic launched Ocala Mobile for the super-fast growing mobile marketing industry.

Ocala Mobile provides complete mobile marketing solutions for agencies, resellers and businesses. Our clients build premium mobile websites and launch multiple mobile marketing campaigns to increase customer volume, loyalty and sales. All from one platform.

KC Thomas

Systems Admin / Lead Developer

KC has been developing websites from an early age. His skills help set Ocala Mobile apart from other mobile marketing companies. KC uses cutting-edge technology, integrated with superior graphics design, resulting in some of the most attractive and effective mobile websites.

KC is a highly valued employee and he is a joy to work with!

Ann McCully

Customer Service / Support

Ann has been with Ocala Mobile from the start and still provides customer service for Pagematic web hosting customers as well. Her experience with customer service goes back 15 years. She enjoys helping customers and is well liked by the fact that she’s asked for specifically, when customers call in or email us.

Ann is very knowledge and always helpful to a great many of our customers and colleagues. This makes her a tremendous asset to our company.