Those Fancy QR Codes

Interestingly, QR codes can make any and all of your current print advertising much more interactive and engaging! A great way to maximize your mobile marketing efforts is to use QR codes in your advertising and promotions, to send targeted leads directly to your mobile website and landing pages for specials, coupons, videos, opt-ins and just about any type of offer.

Create QR codes easily with our QR Code generator. Enter the information for your code and the wizard will create a unique QR code image that can be printed, emailed or downloaded.




QR Codes for Text Message Opt-ins

Automatically and instantly draft an opt-in text message for your prospect! Create a QR Code that when scanned, will open their text message app with a message already drafted and ready to send for an opt-in. This is just one of the cool and effective uses for a QR Codes.


More About QR Codes

QR codes (Quick Response codes) can be read by QR code readers, scanners and cameras which are available on most smartphones today. QR codes can initiate certain outcomes when the code is read, such as loading a mobile website, splash page, video, coupon offer and more. QR codes have now been accepted as an important means of data capture.

There are numerous smartphone applications on the market today that can read QR codes. These apps are not limited to the iPhone only but also available on Android, BlackBerry and other handsets. Recently, the use of QR codes is growing significantly and they will become even more popular in the years to come.