Mobile Coupons

Recently, coupon usage in has been on the rise, with affluent consumers being the heaviest coupon users. Not surprising though, mobile coupon usage is growing rapidly. Mobile coupons have are showing 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons! This fact makes mobile coupon marketing an extremely effective way to grow sales and loyalty.

Ocala Mobile CMS comes with powerful mobile coupon creation and management that includes:

  • Controlled redemption whereas coupons can be redeemed once per customer (prevents coupon fraud or abuse)
  • Coupons can be redeemed at multiple stores, with store tracking by store number
  • With multiple location redemption visitors see the location closest to them
  • Automated scheduling based on start date and expiration date
  • Coupons can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via email
  • An option to save the coupon to the visitor’s phone or email to themselves
  • Coupon redemptions are recorded in the control panel
  • Add other elements to the coupon page, including image galleries, video, etc.


M-Commerce Payments

Ocala Mobile CMS makes it easy to accept payments or donations on a mobile page, either by credit card or a PayPal account. Sell multiple products or services from your mobile site. Simply create thank-you and cancel pages for successful and non-successful orders. Included is our M-Commerce Product Widget, which gives you the ability to setup multiple options and variations of your products.