Mobile Coupon Builder

Create custom mobile coupons in minutes! With Ocala Mobile’s coupon builder you can create one-time use coupons for any product or service. Our coupon tool will track open, deletion and redemption rates. Use your own coupon images or choose from our library of images. Customers can be given different redemption options. The graphical interface with a built-in redemption feature includes barcode creation, promotion code development, and more.

Mobile coupon users total 35 million plus, way up from 7 million in 2010. The figure is estimated to increase well over 47 million in 2014. Many consumers have been reducing their spending, the use of mobile coupons is seen as a great way to reduce expenses. The younger crowd, who dominate the mobile scene, have also become mobile coupon strategists and are much more enthusiastic about finding money-saving coupons & deals.