Landing Pages are your Call-To-Action

A distinctive mobile landing page is the most effective marketing strategy for an offer or promotion.

Squeeze pages, Opt-in pages, etc. all utilize a dedicated ”remote” landing page – even the mighty Google recommends individual landing pages when running pay per click advertisements, quite often one landing page for each keyword targeted! It’s very simple, these pages are specifically designed to create an action by the user and they work quite well in that regard.

Mobile marketing is following a familiar pattern – Your main mobile website receives all the mobile traffic from mobile search. Your individual landing pages are not linked to from your mobile website, rather they serve up a very specific mobile content, a call-to-action for your offers.

Landing pages are mainly used for special offers, coupons, events, promotional videos, virtual tours, etc. … or just basic contact information. The user is usually required to perform an action, such as visit a URL, or submit their name, mobile number and possibly their email address, or save a coupon to their phone. There are many actions that the user can be asked to take.

Potential customers are directed to your landing pages through the use of QR code images, printed on promotional items, or SMS text marketing campaigns. QR Codes, SMS campaigns and landing pages can all be easily created inside our mobile marketing platform.