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Mobile Coupons Better Than Paper

New research indicates mobile coupons are starting to outperform paper coupons, and in the process, making them practically obsolete!

Recently, budgets have been thinning for most Americans while coupon redemption has become more and more popular. The tedious clipping of paper coupons could soon be a thing of the past. There is a fast growing new trend in the coupon delivery process, and that’s through mobile devices!

According to research by American Express, over 70 million mobile coupons will be redeemed in 2012, worth $2.4 billion in discounts to eager consumers. And this figure could triple in less than two years.

There is virtually no limit to the types of deals that your business can offer with mobile coupons. It really doesn’t matter whether you offer dollars or percent off, buy one get one or any other type of offer as long as it provides value to your customer or potential customer.

Coupons sent using mobile messaging are 12 times more likely to be redeemed than paper coupons of any type! Coupons in newspapers have lower redemption rates than those mailed directly to consumers, but mobile coupons trump them all.

Cost is another factor to consider with mobile coupons. Having a paper coupon mailed from your business or as part of a bulk mailer costs you $.25-$.40 per coupon and these are redeemed on average at a rate of just 1%. However, mobile coupons are extremely targeted. They only cost around 2-5 cents each and are redeemed at double digit rates between 11%-26%.

You can send deals, offers, or coupons directly to your SMS text message opt-in lists. People will gladly give you their mobile number in exchange for valuable discounts and this lets you easily build a valuable subscriber list.

Ocala Mobile will setup the whole process of list building and sending the coupons so you can focus on your business. Simply let us know what your offers are and when you want them sent out. We can setup your list building tools right away and have lots of subscibers ready and waiting in a few weeks time.

Convenience is a huge plus for the consumer… everyone almost always has their mobile device with them, so their coupons are accessible anytime, anywhere. This encourages their use when it is convenient for the customer, which means a better return and extra profit for your business.

Coupon fraud is a thing of the past with mobile coupons. With paper, people try to pass expired coupons, create duplicates and many other sneaky methods to cheat. Mobile coupons completely eliminate these issues because they will automatically clear out of the database once they are used or expired.

Most consumers really love mobile coupons because they always have them and can use them with little to no effort on their part. They save a message or access a site and then show their offer or code to the order taker or sales person and that’s it! Mobile coupons can drastically increase sales by improving your relationship with your customers, all while expanding your opt-in list and customer base!

 Mobile Coupons Tip: Don’t always send coupons in your SMS marketing. You must occasionally send contests, quiz’s, polls, etc. …Mix it up a bit.

QR Codes and SMS Keywords are two of the best ways to direct your customers to an offer or coupon. Ocala Mobile includes free SMS Keywords and QR Codes in every marketing plan we offer. Sign up today and create some mobile coupons with our Mobile Coupon Builder!

If you prefer, you can let us kick start your mobile coupon campaign and get a huge jump on your competitors. We’ll handle everything!

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