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SMS Text Marketing Brings Over 97 Percent Open Rate

SMS text marketing presents a huge opportunity for businesses to gain new customers and keep current ones interested. A recent study by SinglePoint found that text message open rates are at 97% and as high as 99% in some cases. Even more interesting, about 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of arrival on mobile phones.

Email has a common open rate of 33%, which makes SMS marketing 3 times as effective in most cases. Many businesses are just now learning about the advantages that SMS marketing has over email and are making drastic changes to their marketing campaigns.

In the mobile marketing industry, we’ve all known for some time about the tremendous opportunity SMS marketing offers. When SMS marketing campaigns are setup and managed correctly, they can be a very powerful asset to any business.

Remember though, SMS marketing is pull marketing, meaning you must attract your potential customers to opt-in before you can send them text messages. You can’t just harvest mobile numbers and send them marketing messages or you’ll be shut down in a flash.

There are many clever ways to build your opt-in lists. Your options will depend on your product or service.

The idea here is to offer something of great value so they can’t resist and are more than happy to subscribe. Something free or greatly discounted is a common recipe. Don’t worry about giving away too much, because remember, you are building a list of eager subscribers for your future campaigns, and that my friend is priceless!

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3

1 Set up a few keywords and sms lists for those keywords. Ocala Mobile offers free vanity keywords and it only takes a minute to setup your sms lists.

2 Create landing pages for your offers. With Ocala Mobile, you can save your landing pages as templates and use them on future campaigns to save time. Now you’re ready to promote your offers!

3 Use your keywords and QR codes on print advertising such as signs, flyers, table tents, brochures, business cards, your website and any other advertisements you can deploy in front of your audience.

Now, sit back and relax. If your offers have great value and your presentation makes them irresistible, your SMS lists will grow like wildfire.

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Full HTML5 Editor for Mobile Websites

Full HTML5 Editor

No longer are you constrained to downloading Microsoft Silverlight in order to use our Mobile Website editor. Our redesigned domain dashboard and page builder will allow you create your feature-rich mobile websites from virtually any web browser.

If you are used to the layout of the Silverlight editor, you will be pleased to see that our new editor has been redesigned to be intuitive and simple to use. Know how to point-and-click? Then you can easily build interactive mobile websites without any prior coding knowledge. Clicking on a widget will add that widget to your page. Don’t like how the widget looks? Customize it by clicking the wrench icon or just delete the widget altogether by clicking the red “x”. It’s that simple!

Silverlight Alternative

Sometimes the old ways just feel better. If you would rather use our legacy page editor, you can simply click the “Switch to Silverlight version” at the top of the domain dashboard.

As always, we wish you the ultimate mobile marketing success!

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Improved Vehicle Listings Feature

Mass Upload for Vehicle Listings

Accelerate the creation process of your vehicle listings! No longer are you restricted to only using the Vehicle Listing wizard. Now you can create multiple vehicle listings by uploading a mass list into the system.

We have provided you with a template that can be opened with any spreadsheet software such as Excel. By following the template, you can quickly configure and upload the vehicle listings with just a click!

Create Vehicle Listings API

Software developers can also take advantage of our new Create Vehicle Listings API to connect with your website or application. Using this API will effectively create a vehicle listing on the platform without needing to login to the advertiser dashboard. You can find this new addition under the API section of your administrator Resource Center.

We hope you like these new additions!

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New Improvements to the Mobile Marketing Platform

State filter for Audience options

Further segment your campaigns and deliver messages and promotions only to those individuals that fall under a certain criteria when using our Audience function. This audience button can be located under most of our advertiser features such as Text Message, Mobile Coupons, and Landing Pages. With the new ?State? filter, advertisers running campaigns destined for mobile numbers in the USA can send out offers to customers residing in a specified state.

Faster Page Loading

We have significantly improved the page loading time of many platform features. Every page that includes any form of delivery options to a specific opt-in list (i.e. Text Message, Send a Coupon) will load noticeably faster when attempting to customize and send a message. One of the changes involved the removal of the participant counters next to each opt-in list. Instead, clicking the ?Submit? button will display a confirmation box where the number of recipients will appear.

We hope you will enjoy these new features!

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