Mobile Marketing Platform

Design mobile websites and use landing pages, mobile coupons and qr codes to capture your customers. Our premium Mobile Website Builder and SMS Text Marketing Platform will help you increase customer volume and loyalty, while serving your mobile visitors the content they want and expect.

Mobile Marketing for Resellers

Ocala Mobile is the #1 choice for White Label Mobile Marketing for resellers. Marketing agencies, web designers and resellers use Ocala Mobile to provide complete mobile marketing services and self-serve accounts to their clients. Ocala Mobile is the perfect mobile marketing platform for resellers.
Includes White Label Panel, Marketing Website and Premium Plugin Bundle.

Going Mobile in 2015!

Mobile device sales, mobile usage and mobile traffic are all showing triple-digit percentage increases each year! Most businesses are seeing dramatic results with the proper mobile marketing elements in place. So it’s not a question of why any more. It’s a question of when. Businesses that launch their mobile marketing now, will leave their non-mobile competitors wandering aimlessly in the dust.

Check out our mobile marketing platform.

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